Construction Management

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We always ensure all permits, legal requirements, and final plans are ready to go before starting any construction project. At that point we handle all different aspects of the construction site in addition to supervising the work on a regular basis and following up with all needed workers, companies and material. We consider our deep involvement to be indeed the main factor for a successful construction process.

Research beyond the business plan

  • Single / Multi Storey Structures with Plain Slab & Barrel Type Shell Roofing Structures.
  • Single / Multi Storey Structures with Specific Loading & Equipment requirements.
  • Single / Multi Storey Structures with pre-cast / pre-stressed Concrete Roofing ( Girders-slab, Double Tee, Hollow Core etc.)
  • Overhead and Underground Water Tanks. Etc.
  • Single / Multi Storey Structures with Plain Slab / pre-cast Concrete roofing as per requirement.
  • Mansory Boundry Walls using pre-cast columns and beams.
  • Residentials, Office and other building of all types.
  • Single / Multi Storey Structures with PEB for Godowns , Halls, Production Units and Sheds etc.
  • Foundation of Pedestals.
  • Bridge & Culverts using Pre-stressed (Post Tensioned / Pre Tensioned girders and in-situ slab system.

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